5 Steps to Great Web Design

As a smart business owner, you know you need a website to compete in today’s world. However, many business owners aren’t getting everything they could out of their current website, so it’s important you work with a web design company that knows how to convert visitors into customers.

Read on to learn five important steps to great web design.

STEP #1: Branding to Build Confidence

One thing a good website can accomplish is positioning your business as a reliable, trustworthy player in your industry. Good website design instills confidence. If your website is both functional and aesthetic, people are more likely to hire you or buy your product compared to a website that looks disorganized or amateurish.

STEP #2: Conversion to Create Customers

Does your website have a high bounce rate? If so, there probably aren’t any conversion mechanisms in place that guide your website visitors to contact you or buy from you. Your website design should be unique and cohesive, and built to drive customers to act.

STEP #3: Marketing to Differentiate

Once the nuts and bolts of your branding and website design are in place, the next most important element to your business website is differentiating your company from your competitors. Many companies are uncomfortable thinking outside the box and choose a website aesthetic that resembles that of their competitors. This is a big mistake.

Why? If your website, SEO and Internet marketing all resemble your competitor’s, you are certain to get lost in the crowd! Having a cookie-cutter website is not an advantage, but having an aesthetic that’s unique will help you stand out.

STEP #4: Soft Selling to Persuade

The so-called soft sell is a huge part of Internet Marketing (and social media marketing in particular, but we’ll save that for another blog). Rather than forcing your message onto your website visitors, good web design encourages your customers to convert through gentle persuasion.

STEP #5: Analytics to Track Progress

Now that your website is built and your digital marketing in place, you need to set up analytics to ensure your website traffic is aligned with your goals. By using tools like Google Analytics, you can track your progress and make adjustments to your website to improve your conversion rate.

Hire a Durango Web Designer

Don’t want to blow your marketing budget on a website that does not get you any new customers. If you need help with your website design in Durango, CO, contact us. Our web design pros will provide a free initial consultation and project analysis. Get started today.

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