What is Responsive Web Design?

It’s another busy day. You wake up, check your email on your laptop, head to the office and get to work on your desktop. During your lunch break, you scroll through Facebook on your smart phone, and later that evening, you catch up with the news on your e-reader.

In one day, you may access the Internet through a variety of devices, all with different sized screens. If you’re a business owner, your customers are likely doing the same thing, so it’s more important than ever to have a website that looks great across all devices.

That’s where responsive web design comes in. Responsive web design makes your website functional and attractive on different devices and screens. Without responsive web design, you would need a web designer to create a different website for every different size screen.

Is Your Business Website Mobile Responsive? Here’s How to Check.

Is your business website mobile responsive? You can easily test your website on Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test. The Mobile-Friendly Test will tell you if your website needs a redesign to perform well on all devices.

Responsive Web Design Puts You Ahead of Your Competition

Responsive web design is the best way for your customers to experience your business online, whether they are exploring on their laptop, tablet or smart phone. Without it, your customers will have a hard time reading the text on your site and an even harder time purchasing from you. Rather than wasting his or her time, your customer is likely to hit the back button and go to a different website—aka, one of your competitors.

While customer experience is the #1 reason you need responsive web design, there’s another reason it’s so important: Google ranks responsive websites higher in the search engine results compared to other websites. In other words, your website will appear above your competitors’ if it is mobile responsive.

Hire a Durango Web Designer, Be a Success!

If you want your website to be seen before your competitors’, having a mobile responsive website is a must. The team at Durango Web Design & SEO can design a website that looks great on all your customers’ devices and outranks your competitors. Contact us to learn more.

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