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Social Media Marketing

Turn Potential Customers Into Your Biggest Fans

You own a great business and you have plenty of happy customers to back you up. How can you use that in your marketing strategy? Social media marketing! Social media provides a forum for your business to communicate with your customers—and find new ones along the way! Durango Web Design & SEO provides social media marketing in Durango, CO as well as throughout Colorado and northern New Mexico.


Facebook is the world largest social media site, driving 24% of ALL Internet traffic. Studies show that both online AND offline purchases are influenced by Facebook.


Sixty-six percent of Twitter users report that they have discovered a new small business on Twitter, and 94% plan to purchase from the businesses they follow.


Instagram is a photo sharing site used by 6 out of 10 adults online. More than 70% of US companies have an Instagram account—make sure your business is one of them!


Pinterest is a wonderful platform for non-branded searches. More than 150 million monthly active users use Pinterest to solve a problem and get inspired.


LinkedIn is essential for business-to-business companies. Studies show 80% of B2B leads came from LinkedIn.


Fifty-three percent of marketers say blogging is their top priority. Why? Studies show that businesses that blog get 67% more leads than those that do not.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing fortifies your online presence and strengthens your overall marketing strategy. Social media is just like word-of-mouth advertising, but rather than chatting in a cafe, your customers are conversing on Facebook & Twitter.

Social media marketing provides businesses like yours an important opportunity to build meaningful relationships with your customers. When customers see your logo and your posts several times a week, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Durango Web Design & SEO will get people talking about your company with interesting posts that keep your customers engaged.


Of B2C businesses have acquired customers through Facebook.


Of online & offline purchases are influenced by Facebook.


Of adults who use the Internet have a Facebook page.

Build Brand Loyalty & Attract NEW Customers

If you’re new to social media marketing, the choices and platforms may appear confusing, or even intimidating, at first. Durango Web Design & SEO turns your customers in your biggest fans by turning your social media sites and turning them into tools to retain your clients and attract new ones. Your customers will choose you over your competitors when you build brand loyalty through social media marketing.

Our social media specialist will collaborate with you to build a successful, long-term partnership as we custom tailor a social media strategy that maximizes your return on investment. Contact us to speak with a project manager about creating a social media strategy that helps increase your business leads and convert followers into customers.

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